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HTC springs back from the mat and swings harder than ever with a perfect 10

The HTC 10 is an excellent phone, and it has all desired features you’d want on a flagship smartphone in 2016. It’s a return to the spotlight for HTC, and we’re happy to see the company back on track. It’s a difficult time for smartphone makers, because almost every high-end phone that’s released is excellent and there’s not much room for differentiation beyond design, software, and a handful of other features. For HTC, the challenge was tough, since it has fallen from grace in recent years, and the HTC 10 has to be a perfect 10. When you’re going up against the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the LG G5, or the iPhone 6S Plus; you need to convince buyers why they should buy your $700 phone instead of the competition’s $700 phone.

HTC offers a handful of reasons, which will be more convincing to some than others. Its commitment to high-res audio shows on the 10, and audiophiles will be able to appreciate the difference in audio quality. You won’t be needing anymore a portable DAC like the FiiO Kunlun E18.

The design is another element that will motivate some buyers to spring for the 10. After all, it’s the perfect mix of elements from HTC’s two best-looking phones: the One M8 and the One A9. If you find the LG G5 bland and the Galaxy S7 Edge too flashy, you’ll probably love the 10’s looks as much as we do. The clean software, which looks close to Stock Android, also holds appeal for xda Android fans who normally would buy a Nexus device.

If any of these features pique your interest, give the HTC 10 serious thought. Now since the HTC 10 has a beautiful, chamfered, all-metal body with a fragile display, investing in a protective case is the sensible option. Here are a few of the best HTC 10 cases available, well … unless you want to go naked.

HTC 10 Ice View (eBay)

htc ice view
See and interact with your phone, even when the cover is closed. HTC Ice View is our most versatile case yet, and combines protection for your phone with instant accessibility. Because HTC Ice View is see-through, it lets you do more with your phone without having to lift the cover. You can take photos in a snap, read text, adjust the volume, switch between songs, turn on the flashlight and much more. HTC Ice View also supports 3rd party notifications like Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, QQ and more – so you can follow your favourite social media at a glance.

Incipio DualPro Case ($30 Amazon)

Incipio DualPro Case
This is a really solid protective case that’s ideal if you fear drop damage. The inner layer is malleable TPE and there’s a tough polycarbonate shell that slots on top. You’ll find chunky button covers with good travel, and accurate cut-outs for your camera, ports, and other functions. The inner layer comes in either charcoal or black, and you can get contrasting shells in black, red, cyan, or pink. The case also has a soft-touch finish that feels nice and imbues your phone with some additional grip. There’s also a raised bezel that lines the screen to protect it.

Speck CandyShell Clear Case ($40 Speck)

speck clear
You’ll still be able to appreciate the design of your HTC 10 with this clear case from Speck. The sleek offering provides military-grade drop protection, thanks to a hard outer shell and an absorbent inner layer. It’s a comfortable case to hold and it adds some grip. The cut-outs are accurate and you’ll find solid, responsive button covers on the sides. Some clear cases can stain or yellow over time, but thankfully, the CandyShell Clear is resistant to UV yellowing.

Tech21 Evo Check Case ($40 Tech21)

This is a relatively lightweight case, but it will safeguard your HTC 10 from drops of up to 6.6 feet in height. The flexible material can dissipate the shock of any impact and is extremely hard-wearing. It also features a smokey, translucent design that’s lined with a dark bumper and a checkered pattern on the inside. The button covers are solid and easy to locate without looking, and you’ll find precise openings for all your ports and functions.

LK Ultra TPU Case ($8 Amazon)

LK Ultra TPU
If you just want a really simple, thin, flexible, cheap case as a stopgap until you spot something better, then the LK Ultra is likely your best bet. These translucent case is made of a soft rubber, so it fits easily on your phone and adds some much-needed grip. The openings for the ports and functions are accurate, and the case also features some basic button covers. You can get a clear version or one that’s tinted pink, blue, or purple. They’re not really rugged cases, but they’ll help guard your phone against light damage and scratches.

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